Monday, 27 June 2011

When it rains, it pours! LFR KOR Participates in Bonn Internationales Begegnungsfest 2011

The LFR and KOR Bonn Chapter at their booth

The Ladies for Rizal and Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter continued with their long standing tradition of engagement in the Bonner Internationales Begegnungsfest on Saturday, 25 June 2011. Continuous drizzles and rain notwithstanding, the LFR and KOR set up their Food booth and Information Corner and was ready for business shortly before 11am. All throughout the day, traditional Filipino dishes, German cakes and hot/cold drinks were being served by the Ladies and Knights to its patrons. The Information Corner alternately played Filipino/modern music, and videos highlighting the life of the Philippine national hero, Dr Jose Rizal on the occassion of his 150th birth anniversary. The Ladies and Knights took the opportunity to explain about Rizal to visitors who were interested on learning more about him and the association.

Monday, 20 June 2011

KOR LFR Bonn goes to Wilhelmsfeld for Rizal’s 150th Birthday Celebration

Ladies for Rizal Bonn: Lady Aimee, Lady Gloria, Lady Susan, Lady Betty, Lady President Helen and Lady VP Margie

On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Philippine national hero Dr Jose Rizal on 19 June 2011, the Order of the Knights of Rizal Bonn (KOR) and Kababaihang Rizalista Bonn Chapter (LFR) travelled to Wilhelmsfeld near Heidelberg to actively participate in the anniversary celebrations. 

The day before, the 21-strong group (including 4 children) led by Sir Peter Plückebaum, KGOR, Commander, Bonn Chapter travelled the 250 kilometer stretch between Bonn and Wilhelmsfeld via a convoy of five cars and stayed overnight in a nearby hotel. A tour of the castle and Rizal’s various accommodations in Heidelberg was conducted after arrival to help re-acquaint the KOR LFR Bonn Chapter with the city in which Rizal lived for a few months in 1886. Rizal stayed in Heidelberg to practice Opthalmology after finishing his studies in Paris. It is in Wilhelmsfeld near Heidelberg where Rizal finished his novel entitled “Noli Me Tangere” which first saw publication in Berlin in 1887.

Sir Celso Lacuna of KOR Bonn receives Medal of Honor

Sir Celso Lacuna KGOR, Knights of Rizal Bonn
During the 150th birthday celebrations of Rizal at Wilhelsmfeld Heidelberg on 19 June 2011, our very own Sir Celso Lacuna, KGOR, was presented a medal of honor by the Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter in recognition of his untiring support and active participation in the yearly birthday celebrations of Dr Jose Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld. 

Congratulations Sir Celso from the Ladies and Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Birthday Pepe and Gloria

The beautiful Lady Gloria Buccat

Today marks the 150th birthday of Jose Rizal (also known by his nickname Pepe), coinciding with the birthday of our very own Lady Gloria Buccat! The occasion was made more special because the birthday girl was in Heidelberg together with the Ladies and Knights of Rizal Bonn to participate in the celebration of Rizal's birthday.