Friday, 10 September 2010

Flashback 2010: Sold out at 15h! LFR at Bonn Begegnungsfest 2010

The LFR KOR booth with many customers

The Ladies for Rizal Bonn Chapter succesfully participated in the 2010 Internationales Begegnungsfest at the Bonn Rheinaue on 04 September 2010. The LFR Bonn joined the event with two stalls: an information booth and a food booth.
The information booth aimed to presenting the organisation to the general public through powerpoint presentation, filipino music, posters, books and flyers about the LFR and KOR as well as about the Philippines.

The food booth served traditional Filipino and German food, drinks and cakes to visitors at very low prices.
The set-up was a huge success that by 15h, all the food were sold out! The engagement of the LFR and KOR in the 2010 Begegnungsfest was an opportunity for the organisation to generate money for its social welfare projects in the Philippines and present the Filipino culture to Germany. The participation in the international event was also an opportunity to live out Dr Jose Rizal's ideals of tolerance and social co-existence.

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