Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Announcing the "KOR LFR Projects" Series

The library in a school in Ormoc, Philippines
A lot of exciting things are happening in the KOR and LFR right now and we are very excited to share these infos with our friends and readers! 

The KOR LFR has always been engaged in socio-civic activities that support and enliven the ideals of Dr Jose Rizal. We hold our fund-raising activities with the ultimate objective of helping alleviate the lives of our countrymen in the Philippines through our projects.

In the coming weeks and months, this website will be featuring a series of articles revolving around a common theme, beginning with our first Series on "KOR LFR Projects". The "Projects" Series will introduce to our friends and readers the different projects that the KOR and LFR are currently engaged in, or will engage into, in the near future. Every now and then, we will also highlight smaller projects that we did in the past to show the range of activities that our organisation engages in.

Of course, we will also provide information on how you could involve yourself if you want to support the current project. So, keep on visiting the website to learn more!

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