Friday, 19 August 2011

Photoblog of Rizal @ 150

Here are some behind-the-scene photos during the organisation's trip to Heidelberg to celebrate Jose Rizal's 150th birthday anniversary.

The Ladies pose on the castle front

The day before the celebrations, the group took a tour of Heidelberg passing by Rizal's former appartment in the city center and culminating with a visit to the castle.

Here you see the group (Ladies and Knights and their families) posing in front of  Heidelberg's castle.

The Knights pose in the castle front

The Knights also took the opportunity to have their photos taken with the city of Heidelberg and the majestic mountains below them.

 Here is another view of the wreath as laid down by the Capter presidents at the foot of Rizal.
Presidents Sir Peter Plueckebaum and Lady Helen Lacuna

 The (almost) complete entourage at the Rizal Park in Wilhelmsfeld singing Ang Bayan Ko with the Ateneo Choir.
The group with the Chapter Banner singing
For a complete report on the Hedeilberg event and some additional pictures, please click here.

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