Monday, 31 October 2011

LFR KOR holds Post Yugyugan Celebration

Celebrating the success of Yugyugan Disco 2011

To celebrate the success of the Ladies for Rizal and Knights of Rizal eV's 2011 Yugyugan Disco, the President of the LFR, Lady Helen Lacuna, invited all the hardworking Ladies and Knights for a simple but sumptuous dinner at her residence. Madame President thanked everybody for their effort and hailed the teamwork of all involved.

Lechon, ginataang kalabasa, fried chicken, Schweinebraten, insalate mozarella con pomodoro and many other delicious dishes were shared by everyone. The evening was capped with overflowing drinks and lots of stories and laughter.

Thanks Madame President for recognizing our hard work and rewarding us for our efforts!

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