Wednesday, 10 October 2012

35th Anniversary PhotoEssay

On 18th August 2012, the Knights of Rizal and Ladies for Rizal Bonn Chapter celebrated their 35th founding anniversary. The celebration's highlight was the Knighting of new Knights and Ladies for Bonn Chapter, new Knights for the Stuttagrt Marquardt Chapter and new Ladies for the Cologne Chapter. Here are a few pictures from the momentous and well attended event.

 In the picture below, the three new Knights for Bonn Chapter are being inducted. Congratulations Sir Janero, Sir Glenn and Sir Harold!

Here, three Knights from Bonn are being elevated to second degree. Congratulations Sir Teddy, Sir Klaus and Sir Uli!


Here Sir Dirk is conferred Knight Commander of Rizal Bonn Chapter.  Congratulations!

The presentation of Lady Aimée and Sir Celso about the 35 years of existence of the Bonn Chapter was well received by the audience.

The Stuttgart Marquardt Chapter presented Sir Celso with a commemorative t-short to show their appreciation for his untiring support to the ideals of Rizal, Knights of Rizal in general and to all chapters in Germany.

Everybody was enthralled with the lecture of Sir Lucien Spittal on Rizal's relationship with the two Suzannes. 

The Ladies for Rizal with their candle ceremony and the two new Ladies.

 The 35th foundation anniversary cake to be sliced by Madame President Lady Helen and Sir Peter.

Four of the original founding members of the Bonn Chapter were able to attend the event!

 The proud and happy Ladies of Bonn, Heidelberg and Cologne.

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