Monday, 29 October 2012

KOR LFR holds most Successful Yugyugan Disco in Years!

a very successful Yugyuyan Disco 2012
Food, glorious Filipino food before it was sold out!

The KOR and LFR Bonn Chapter held its most successful Yugyugan Disco Dance Party in recent years at the Sankt Winfried Unterkirche last October 27, 2012. The party place was overflowing with supporters of the organisation, merry-goers, and dancers. Food that was prepared by the Ladies and drinks prepared by the Knights were simply sold out even before the evening ended!

Free wine to the first 25 arrivals
The first highlight of the evening was the giveaway of free bottles of wine to the first 25 arrivals on the registration list. Party goers from Cologne and Bonn happily took their winnings with them. At around 22h, Zumba dancing, the second highlight of the night, was performed. So many particpants took to the dance floor and happily sweated away to the addictive beat. Many of the dancers were thankful for the chance to explore Zumba for free and without inhibition, which is normally an expensive or exclusive course in fitness studios. We heartily thank our friend Simona who happily gave the dance lessons for free! Finally, the third highlight of the night was the Tombola drawing. Many raffle ticket buyers won minor prizes and major prizes like Philippine t-shirt, table grill, coffee maker, a navigator and a laptop were given away to the very lucky. 

Lady Oia collected the grand prize of a laptop for one of her ticket buyers
The Ladies and Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter would like to thank the supporters and friends who made the night one of our most successful events in recent years. We hope to see you again next year where we could happily dance the night away while helping educate young Filipinos in the Philippines.

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