Friday, 11 January 2013

LFR Bonn Attends LFR Köln 7th Founding Anniversary

The participants of the 7th LFR Köln Founding Anniversary

Organized in 2005, the Ladies for Rizal Cologne Chapter successfully celebrated its 7th Founding Anniversary on 24 November 2012 with a buffet dinner/dance at the spacious hall  of the Breuer Tanzschule (dance school) in Cologne. A raffle /tombola was also held with attractive prizes.

The memorable affair was organized by the officers and members of the Cologne chapter, led by its president, Lady Marie Missmahl. Up to date hip-hop dances and numerous intricate modern dances were demonstrated by expert tutors of the Breuer Tanzschule. Everybody enjoyed during the evening, with sufficient Filipino delicacies and drinks available.

Several ladies and Knights of Rizal from Cologne and Bonn Chapter attended the social event. Lady Helen Lacuna, President of LFR Bonn and Sir Celso Lacuna KGOR and Area Commander for Germany participated in the activity.

Photo: courtesy of Lady Susan (taken from TAMBULI)
Article by: Sir Celso KGOR

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