Monday, 14 January 2013

LFR KOR Donates to Typhooon victims in 2012

Typhoon Sendong (Dec 2011)

Typhoon Pablo (Dec 2012)

The year 2012 started and ended with donations of the Ladies for Rizal and Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter to typhoon victims in southern Philippines.

In January 2012, 200€ was donated to the victims of typhoon Sendong and the flashflood that hit the island of Mindanao last December 17, 2011. The death toll for typhoon Sendong was over 600, as many were caught unprepared by the flashfloods that occured in the night. In December 2012, 200€ was also donated to victims of typhoon Pablo which in turn hit the Philippines last December 04, 2012. Typhoon Pablo death toll was more than 1000, with more reported missing and feared dead.

Both occasions, the money was used for house reconstruction and food purchase. In the case of the recipient of donation for typhoon Sendong, part of the money was used to finance the search for a girl who went missing in the midst of the storm's fury.

The LFR and KOR accepts donations to the organization, which could be used to further assist victims of typhoons in the Philippines. Please contact the Area Commander for Germany and KOR Bonn Grand Commander, Sir Celso Lacuna at