Monday, 14 January 2013

LFR KOR Donates to Typhooon victims in 2012

Typhoon Sendong (Dec 2011)

Typhoon Pablo (Dec 2012)

The year 2012 started and ended with donations of the Ladies for Rizal and Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter to typhoon victims in southern Philippines.

In January 2012, 200€ was donated to the victims of typhoon Sendong and the flashflood that hit the island of Mindanao last December 17, 2011. The death toll for typhoon Sendong was over 600, as many were caught unprepared by the flashfloods that occured in the night. In December 2012, 200€ was also donated to victims of typhoon Pablo which in turn hit the Philippines last December 04, 2012. Typhoon Pablo death toll was more than 1000, with more reported missing and feared dead.

Both occasions, the money was used for house reconstruction and food purchase. In the case of the recipient of donation for typhoon Sendong, part of the money was used to finance the search for a girl who went missing in the midst of the storm's fury.

The LFR and KOR accepts donations to the organization, which could be used to further assist victims of typhoons in the Philippines. Please contact the Area Commander for Germany and KOR Bonn Grand Commander, Sir Celso Lacuna at

Rizal Marker Unveiled in Stuttgart

The Rizal marker in Hotel Marquardt, Stuttgart (Wagner marker on the left)

A Rizal marker was unveiled on 08 December 2012 at the former Hotel Marquardt, located at the intersection of Bolzstrasse and Königstrasse in the city center of Stuttgart, in honour of Dr Jose Rizal, Philippine foremost national hero. Rizal, together with his travelling companion Dr. Maximo Viola, stayed at the historic Hotel Marquardt on the evening of 31 May 1887.

The Rizal marker was installed on the front facade of the former Hotel Marquardt facing the Königstrasse, beside the memorial plaque of the world famous German composer, Richard Wagner. Like Rizal, Wagner was also a former guest of the hotel.

The inauguration of the Rizal marker in Stuttgart was organised and sponsored by the Marquardt Stuttgart Chapter under the leadership of Sir KArim-Azar Grajo KCR, Commander of the Marquardt Stuttgart Chapter.

A message from H.E. Maria Cleofe R.Natividad, Philippine Ambassador to germany was read by a staff member of the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Stuttgart.

Several Ladies for Rizal  and Knights of Rizal from the Bonn Chapter, Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg, and other Filipino German guests attended the significant Rizalian event. Lady Helen Lacuna, President of the LFR Bonn Chapter and Sir Celso Lacuna, Area Commander for Germany attended the ceremonies. Also present during the affair was Dr Karin Fritz, current owner of the Marquardt building, who delivered a short message on the history of the Hotel Marquardt. Dr Karin Fritz said that the former Hotel Marquardt is now considered a historical site protected under the local laws of Stuttgart (Denkmalschutzgesetz) because of its unique architectural design and because of the famous personalities that stayed in the hotel. Aside from Jose Rizal and Richard Wagner, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, Franz Lizst, Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Graf Helmuth von Moltke have also stayed in the hotel.

Text and Photo: Sir Celso Lacuna

Friday, 11 January 2013

LFR Bonn Attends LFR Köln 7th Founding Anniversary

The participants of the 7th LFR Köln Founding Anniversary

Organized in 2005, the Ladies for Rizal Cologne Chapter successfully celebrated its 7th Founding Anniversary on 24 November 2012 with a buffet dinner/dance at the spacious hall  of the Breuer Tanzschule (dance school) in Cologne. A raffle /tombola was also held with attractive prizes.

The memorable affair was organized by the officers and members of the Cologne chapter, led by its president, Lady Marie Missmahl. Up to date hip-hop dances and numerous intricate modern dances were demonstrated by expert tutors of the Breuer Tanzschule. Everybody enjoyed during the evening, with sufficient Filipino delicacies and drinks available.

Several ladies and Knights of Rizal from Cologne and Bonn Chapter attended the social event. Lady Helen Lacuna, President of LFR Bonn and Sir Celso Lacuna KGOR and Area Commander for Germany participated in the activity.

Photo: courtesy of Lady Susan (taken from TAMBULI)
Article by: Sir Celso KGOR

Monday, 29 October 2012

KOR LFR Bonn Chapter featured in General Anzeiger

August 20 2012 issue of the General Anzeiger (Bad Godesberg)

The 35th Anniversary celebration of the Knights of Rizal was featured in the August 20, 2012 isssue of the General Anzeiger (Bad Godesberg edition).

The news article entitled: "Without education, there is no freedom" was aptly taken from the induction speech of Sir Janero del Rosario, one of the three new Knights to enter the Bonn Chapter. The article also featured an interview with outgoing Chapter Commander Sir Peter Plückebaum and ingoing Commander Sir Dirk Hampel.  Both outstanding Knights emphasized the importance of education for the person and for the society as a whole. A group photo with Ladies, Knights inductees, supporters and visitors was included in the article.

The Knights of Rizal Bonn Chapter would like to heartily thank the General Anzeiger for their interest in the group!