Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ni Hao, Rizal!

The Ladies and Knights atChina Restaurant Pavilion

On the KOR LFR's recent trip to participate in the 150th birthday celebrations of Dr Jose Rizal (see related post here), the group decided to stop by for lunch at China Restaurant Pavilion at the heart of the historic city of Heidelberg.

The "Presidential Table" with LFR President Lady Helen (left)
The big group occupied a total of three large tables. After a particularly long and exhausting drive, hot and delicious chinese food was the necessary remedy to tired Ladies and Knights.

The "Commander Table" with Bonn Chapter Commander Sir Peter Plueckebaum (left)

Everybody agreed that the hearty late lunch was a perfect way to begin their group bonding and exploration of Dr Rizal's former home city!

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