Sunday, 17 July 2011

KOR LFR Bonn Chapter holds 1st Goal, Norms and Processess Workshop

Sir Dirk explains the procedure to the group

The Order of the Knights of Rizal and Kababaihang Rizalista Bonn Chapters held their 1st Goal, Strategy and Team Building Workshop at the Evangelische Grundschule in Troisdorf last 17 July 2011. The objective of the  well-attended event was to create a clear understanding of the aims of the organisation, the proper code of conduct among members and procedures to follow during projects. The group believes that, once these fundamental building blocks are understood and practiced by everybody, the team will solidify as a group and teamwork will be more efficient.

A plenary closes every session

As such the day was divided into discussions on three topics: Aims and Priorities, Group Norms and Codes of Conduct and Processes. The Knights and Ladies were placed in separate rooms in order to come up with a more thorough and specific discussion of the topics at hand. Sessions were always initiated with a brainstorming, followed by an open discussion, and ending in a plenary presentation. The objective of the plenary was to bring together common points that were raised during the individual sessions and to prioritise them according to  significance. 
Catered lunch and free-flowing coffee/tea was available for all

After a hearty lunch and coffee/cake, the group summarised all important points that were discussed during the day-long workshop.
Lady Helen and Sir Peter thanked everybody for their active participation

The Presidents of the KOR and LFR Bonn Chapters, Sir Peter Plueckebaum and Lady Helen Lacuna respectively, closed the successful day by thanking everybody for their participation. The openness of everybody was a huge factor in enabling deeper discussions and increasing the quality of deliberations. As a bonus, the camarederie within the group added a more lively atmosphere to the discussions. In the end, the group discovered a lot of commonality in their goals, views and priorities.

This workshop marks a huge success for the group and opens the door for a stronger KOR and LFR in Bonn now and in the future.

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